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Z31 lowering springs

By | 10.10.2020

Whiteline performance springs deliver improved vehicle performance whilst maintaining safety and ride quality characteristics. By lowering the vehicles center of gravity, the unique and progressive rate coil design not only improves performance but enhances overall appearance.

Developed and manufactured in Europe from the highest quality materials, coating and to the finest tolerances guaranteeing exact fitment. Shop Lowering Springs Learn More. For total grip activation match with Whiteline Sway Bars and Essential kits for Unrivalled handling and optimal vehicle performance.

Free shipping to lower Close search. Adjustable Sway Bars expand. Lowering Springs. Lower that center of gravity Whiteline performance springs deliver improved vehicle performance whilst maintaining safety and ride quality characteristics.

Shop Lowering Springs. After some back Even we will admit, bushings are not the most exciting upgrade, but their importance and benefits Free Shipping Free shipping to lower Hassle Free Returns 30 Day return policy. Based Support Telephone, online and walk in support.There are many spring options available for the - ZX. In addition to the normal aftermarket springs available Eibach, Tokico, Suspension Techniques, Intrax, etc you can also use springs from other Z31s.

All Z31 springs interchange with no fitment issues. Some common aftermarket spring rates are shown below. Note the Eibachs, they are variable rate springs. Note however that Eibach's progressive rate springs are actually stiffer than the stock Z31 springs for most of their travel. Linear rate springs are generally better for performance but much worse in the ride department. SS springs are a rare commodity now, as the Nissan supply of them was depleted in March A trickle of SS springs are available at various large dealerships as they pop up in Nissan's inventory in Japan.

You need 4. Since they were so popular, they should start popping up in junkyards. All stock springs are color coded for their application.

z31 lowering springs

SS springs have white and purple marks on the rear springs while the fronts have orange and pink marks. If you get harder springs you also need firmer shocks to hold the springs. While the Z31 springs will fit in any Z31, there will be a slight shift in ride height depending on what model you have and what springs you end up using. User Tools Log In. Site Tools Search. Page Tools Old revisions Backlinks Back to top. Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: CC Attribution-Share Alike 4.Recommended spring rate for street use : 7kg front 5kg rear Front camber adjustable and rear pillowball top plates available.

Race proven design and technology. This kit requires welding of the supplied lower steel sleeves onto the OEM knuckles. The supplied sleeves will slide and line up perfectly over the bottom of the OEM shock tube and also provide better strength once modified. Please contact us if you would prefer to ship your knuckles in advance for us to weld them. Please make sure that your car model matches the product title above before ordering. This is why it is also important that the right car model is selected.

Ill start with the flaw - to adjust the dampening you have to remove the coilover or drill a hole. This is most likely a touareg specific thing though.

The coilover install was a bit of a pain but thats just a touareg thing. The car handles really well around corners, better than before despite being lifted thats right, not lowered 45mm. The quality of the product feels good and solid.

I had to get my Rogue Sport's stance down and achieve better handling, I accomplished both with this Ceika kit. No one else offers a completely bolt-on kit, no modifications or fabrication necessary! The ordering process was super easy, and Ceika is top notch when it comes to customer service.

Fit and finish is fantastic. Shipping was prompt. And my contact at the company, Jean-Loup has been phenomenal. The coils are by far the most comfortable I have ever had, and the adjustment is wonderful. The only advice I have is probably select one option stiffer than you think you'll need, as I have run into a little issue with stiffness on the front, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the company or their product - more me selecting a little softer of a setting than I really wanted.

That being said, they have been responsive and their customer service is awesome, and I'm anxiously awaiting the new, stiffer springs. Thanks, Ceika. I'll be ordering a set for a couple more cars very soon.Do you want to better the handling of your Z31 or get a better Stance?

Is your Rear sagging worse than Old lady Boobs? Well this information will help you determine the springs your Z came with so you can replace them with stock units or after market upgrades. At this time There are many spring options available for the Z31 ZX. In addition to the normal after market springs available Eibach, Tokico, etc you can also use springs from other Z31s. All Z31 springs interchange with no fitment issues. You can use any Z31 Spring in any year or model, in-fact the to turbo models have fairly stiff springs vs the Non turbo models.

While the Z31 springs will fit in any Z31, there will be a slight shift in ride height depending on what model you have and what springs you end up using. If you choose to stay with stock springs the spring set from a Shiro Edition are stiffest springs you can get without going after market. Some common after market spring rates are shown below. The idea of a progressive variable rate spring is to allow a smooth ride when driving normally, and improved body control when cornering hard.

Variable rate springs are easy to spot because the springs are not symmetrical. Typically, one end of the spring is wound tighter than the other end with the more tightly wound end being the softer part of the spring. As the spring is compressed, the soft coils on the tightly wound side will collapse, coming into contact with each other. When this happens, the rest of the spring starts to compress at the second higher rate.

How To Drive A Lowered/Slammed Car!

All stock springs are color coded for their application. Use the charts below to Identify the model and Specs of your Z31 Springs. You can do so by cleaning your spring and locating the color code. It will be 2 dots painted on the spring coils.

The color combination will identify the spring model and with this you can see the rates listed in the tool below. Stock Front Springs. Spring Number. Wire Diameter.Login or Sign Up. Lowering springs Drop my Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. Lowering springs Drop my 87PM. Tags: None.

Comment Post Cancel. Do they bolt right on? Heheheheehe are you sure you bought a Z31, cause nothing is that simple with this car. Just google them. Custom wound coil springs would be your best bet for stiffness and ride height. Coupled with some bilstein struts you'll be golden. If you want height and ride adjustability, coilovers are the only option. And in that case, Stance coilovers are your best option. And stay the hell away from eibach or tokico if you want decent springs.

Wheels: Varrstoen ES2 18x9. Whats wrong with tokicos? They give the car a crazy raked stance and the spring rates are way too low. The rake is kinda bad but they are the best thing in my opinion compared to coilovers.

But they were so soft i hated them i had alot of squat and body roll with them vs what i have with my z3r gray z or my st front and ss cut rear on the red z. Without going coilovers, the best off the shelf combo is probably Konis paired with a second hand set of Z3R or ST springs. Bilsteins would go well with either spring, and be more budget friendly. Coilovers or custom springs would open up a world of options in spring rates and lowering though.

I've got a set of SS springs and Konis that should be making their way onto my 86T. I don't care about lowering it really blasphemy, I knowbut it will handle way better than the worn out stock springs and crappy Monroes the PO swapped in. No idea, I went directly to coilovers because I wanted the height adjustability. Don't mean to threadjack or anything, but here is a quote I received from coilsprings.

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Lowering Springs

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Eibach | Lift Kits, Lowering Springs, Race Springs, Shocks & Sway Bars

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z31 lowering springs

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z31 lowering springs

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